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Po Po | 17th Jan 2011 | (21) 印度 | (681 Reads)

不再想 ... take action.

No more thinking ... take action

16/1 (星期日 Sun)

  • 由埃及回來已想遊印度, 但找來找去也夾唔到朋友.  因此今天決定不再等, 上Travel Life找找, 有就一齊, 無就單拖出發.  行完山返屋企Post完求伴message後瞓覺.
  • Have a want to travel to India after back from Egypt, but cannot find a companion in my friends. So today I decided not to wait and look on the Travel Life, if no one is suitable, I will go alone. After hiking, I posted a message before sleep.

17/1 (星期一 Mon)

  • 起身有email, 有個想跟團share房, 有2個一起自由行搵人share cost.  自由行的俾較對口, 攞咗佢個plan研究.
  • Got emails in the morning, 1 girl wants to join tour and shares room, and the other 2 girls want to have individual visit and share cost.  I prefer individual visit, so I check their plan.
  • 下午去圖書館搵資料, 借咗 "繽紛印度" 及 "圖解印度" 2本書.
  • In the afternoon, I go to the library to find materials, and borrowed two books, "Fun in India" and "Graphic India".

18/1 (星期二 Tue)

  • 中午去買書, 本Lonely Planet 好厚, 所以買咗日釋中的 "地球x步x方 - 印度", 170元.  這本會帶住走.
  • At noon, I go to buy books.  "Lonely Planet" is too thick, so I purchased one Taiwan book (170) which I will bring with me in my whole tour.
  • 晚上約咗個女仔Mable傾傾, 佢覺得個 local agent 信唔過, 我叫佢不如自己行, 彈性高d.
  • At night, I discussed with Mable, her local agent raised the price without a good reason.  I suggest to go by ourselves as their plan is easy and we can get higher flexibility.
  • Mable都同意, 所以佢負責訂第一晚Delhi的房, 我負責set plan.
  • She agreed.  She will book hotel for the first night and I will set a plan.

19/1 (星期三 Wed)

  • 上午去攞簽證, 9點半去到, 10點半走得, 但25/1先有得攞. 簽證費315, 手續費54, 證件相50元2張.
  • I applied visa this morning.  I arrived at 9:30 and left at 10:30, but the visa is only available after 25/1.  Visa fee is 315, services charge is 54 and two photos is 50.
  • 我問個職員會唔會唔批, 佢好奇怪我會咁問, 等咗一陣問我
    •  "你係唔係恐怖份子?"
    • "哈哈哈, 咁我去買機票啦!"
  • I asked the staff if my application may be rejected for some reasons?  He wondered my question and asked
    • "Are you terrorist?"
    • "Ha ha... Then I will go to buy ticket!"

20/1 (星期四 Thu)

  • 由於2個女仔間廉航 Air Asia 已經唔係好廉(要5仟幾加稅, 佢地早買3仟幾全包), 仲要停係吉隆坡1晚, 所以揀咗 India Air (5仟幾全包直航).
  • The 2 girls bought tickets from Air Asia, but it's not cheap now (5K+ excl tax, their tickets cost 3K+ incl tax) and need to stay at KL for one night, so I selected India Air (5K+ incl tax).
  • check check 下 India Air 發覺口碑好差, 最後買咗翠鳥(都係5仟幾全包直航).
  • Later, I found some bad comments for India Air, so I bought ticket from Kingfisher finally (5K+ incl. tax direct fight)
  • Mable 亦book咗第一晚房連 pickup.
  • Mable also booked the hotel and pickup.

21/1 (星期五 Fri)

  • 基本行程已set好, 主要坐火車. 
  • Basic route is set.  Mainly travel by train.
  • Delhi德里 --> Jaisalmer 齊沙默爾 --> Jodhpur久德浦 --> Jaipur 齋浦 --> Varanasi瓦拉納西 --> Agra亞格拉 --> Delhi德里 
    • 30/01Arrived Delhi à Hotel

    • 31/01 Delhi à Delhi(DLI) to Jaisalmer(JSM) #14059 1730-1145 [Stop 1-38] AC3 Rs862

    • 01/02 Jaisalmer (Desert) à Hotel

    • 02/02 Jaisalmer à Jaisalmer(JSM) to Jodhpur(JU) #14809 2315-0520 [Stop 1-10] AC3 Rs404

    • 03/02 Jodhpur à Hotel

    • 04/02 Jodhpur à Jodhpur(JU) to Jaipur(JP) #14060 2230-0508 [Stop 10-19] AC3 Rs413

    • 05/02 Jaipur à Hotel

    • 06/02 Jaipur à Jaipur(JP) to Varanasi(BSB) #14864 1540-0835 [Stop 10-31] AC3 Rs827

    • 07/02 Varanas à Hotel

    • 08/02 Varanasi à Varanasi(BSB) to Agra Fort(AF) #14863 1815-0621 [Stop 1-12]

    • 09/02 Agra à Agra Cantt(AGC) to New Delhi (NDLS) #12001 2030-2230 [Stop 5-7]CC Rs400 à  Hotel

    • 10/02 Delhi à HK

22/1 (星期六 Sat)

  • 晚上同Cynthia及Mable一齊傾, 約好在德里機場集合位置.  如其中一班機遲一天便在Delhi市等, 多過一天便各自各玩.

  • At night, I discussed with Cynthia and Mable, and also confirmed the meeting point in Delhi Airport.  If either one delays, we will wait at the hotel.  If either one delays more than one day, we will start travel seperately.

  • 另約好我負責訂第1程火車.

  • And I will book the rail ticket for the first route.

23/1 (星期日 Sun)

  • 約Agent 買保險, 今次決定買全年保, 費事遂次買, 銅計劃1000元正.

  • To save time and money, I bought a whole year travel insurance from my agent.

  • 上咗印度鐵路IRCTC個網站訂票, 但不知什麼 error 訂唔到.

  • Try to book ticket from IRCTC but fail.  No clear reason.

24/1 (星期一 Mon)

  • 再上IRCTC個站都係訂唔到, 個解釋係 communication error. 講咗等於無講.

  • Try to book ticket again but still fail, reason is "comunication error".  Nothing can be done.

  • 上 makemytrip 個站再訂又訂唔到, 個解釋係唔接受外國信用咭.

  • Try to book ticket from makemytrip, but foreign credit card is not accepted.

  • 走去 cleartrip 個站又係唔接受外國信用咭, 唔知由幾時開始攪成咁, 以前個個都係咁訂.

  • Go to cleartrip to book ticket, but fail with the same reason.  I don't know why the other people did successfully before.

  • 最後通知各人任務完成不了, 大家Good Luck.

  • Finally, I inform M and C that we will have no ticket in advance.

  • 下午去買感冒藥, 退燒藥和止疴藥.

  • In the afternoon, I go to buy cold medicine, fever medicine and diarrhoea medicine.

  • 明天攞簽證同試下買唔買淨水丸.

  • Will collect visa tomorow and try to buy water purification tablets.

  • 往後幾天要努力找資料, 因為如果班機有問題, 可能去到都係單拖遊.

  • In the coming few days, I will put effort to look for information, because if the flight had problems, I may need to travel alone.